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Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel - Crisp Morning Air

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel - Crisp Morning Air

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Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel - Crips Morning Air
消毒搓手液 - 清晨空氣

  • 加入香薰精油,乳木果,維他命E,蘆薈等成分,保持手部皮膚柔滑
  • 消毒99.9%細菌
  • 多種品牌獨有的香氣可供選擇,消毒雙手,並使雙手散發淡淡香
  • 泵頭樽裝設計,方便放在工作枱/汽車中,隨時消毒
  • 71%酒精
  • 225ml


Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel - Crips Morning Air

  • Infused with essential oils and skin-softening shea extract, vitamin E & aloe
  • Kills 99.9% of most common germs
  • Offers a wide variety of scents from the brand’s signature collection, leaving hands clean and lightly fragranced
  • Bottle design with pump makes it easy to keep hands clean, also an essential item to keep on your work desk or in your car
  • 71% Alcohol
  • 225ml

Crisp Fall Breeze, White Oak, Golden Amber Wood

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