Damascena Candle 薔薇花

Damascena Candle 薔薇花

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ambustum. 香薰蠟燭 ( 薔薇花 )

豐富清甜的黑加侖果香, 大馬士革李子, 橘子及康乃馨, 玫瑰, 百合,
天竺葵花香; 基調為琥珀, 檀木, 雪松木, 營造出優雅浪漫的氛圍

採用椰子蠟及菜籽蠟, 高濃度調香以達到最佳擴香放果, 每款蠟燭都在英國小批量製作, 並採用無漂白棉芯與亞麻線交織  

燃燒時間 : 50小時



每次燃點蠟燭前, 將燭芯修剪至0.5cm, 以避免黑煙及延長蠟燭壽命, 使用時請燃點至蠟面全溶, 形成平整的蠟池



ambustum. Damascena Candle 

Damascena offers a luxurious fragrance experience, blending sweet and fruity notes of blackcurrant, damson plum, and mandarin with delicate floral scents of carnation, rose, lily, and geranium. The base notes of warm amber, creamy sandalwood, and cedarwood create a seductive and romantic ambiance.

Made from a coconut and rapeseed wax with the highest levels of fragrance possible, each candle is hand poured in small batches. Our wicks are made from unbleached cotton, interwoven with linen thread.




Burn Time: 50 hours




Vegan friendly and cruelty free


For the best performance, trim the wick to 5 millimetres after every use. The wick should always look short and upright for a clean burn. Allow the wax to fully melt to the edge of the glass before extinguishing to prevent tunnelling.

Each burn should not exceed 4 hours.



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